National strategy for Personalised medicine 2017 - 2020

Around the world we currently see important new developments, where molecular knowledge – e.g. about genetics – is increasingly used to provide patients with better and more targeted health care. There are already good examples within cancer care, but the potential is great within many disease areas.

To ensure coordination and direction for our collective efforts the Danish Government and Danish Regions have developed a National Strategy for Personalised Medicine 2017-2020.

Overall, the focus of the strategy is to:

  • Establish a foundation for the development of better and more targeted health care for patients, through the use of new technologies and new knowledge
  • Strengthen the ethical, legal and safety aspects related to the use of genetic in-formation in health care
  • Establish a joint governance structure and strengthen collaborations across the country – both in healthcare and research
  • Establish a cooperation about a safe, joint and coherent technological infrastructure
  • Initiate relevant research – and development projects

In the National Budget there has been allocated 100 million DKK in 2017-2020 to get started. The development of the area of Personalised Medicine is also expected to be co-financed by public research resources, regional healthcare resources and private actors.

Download: Summary of National Strategy for Personalised Medicine 2017-2020 (PDF)