Danish National Genome Center launch the paper "1,000 thoughts on personalised medicine"

Published 06-05-2022

As run-up for the launch of date and program draft for the annual meeting for personalised medicine in Denmark 2022, we have developed a paper, which we call "1,000 thoughts on personalised medicine". Here, the main product is the international points from the previous annual meeting.

In the paper you can read that Mark Caulfield, professor of Clinical Pharmacology, former Chief Scientist at Genomics England, emphasizes the effect of using whole genome sequencing to a greater extent by stating:

“Regardless of when you take a test, we see an increase of about 30% in diagnosis from a whole genome sequencing analysis. So it works.”

Richard Rosenquist, professor of Clinical Genetics, Director at Genomic Medicine Sweden, says:

“Now, whole genome sequencing (WGS) has been implemented at three genome centres in Sweden, and close to 5,000 WGS analyses were performed in 2021, and the number is increasing, because it is going faster and faster”. Currently, it takes from five days to two weeks to sequence an entire genome in Sweden.

CEO of the Danish National Genome Center Bettina Lundgren, says:

“Experience from Genomics England shows that the development of personalised medicine requires a lot of data, the involvement of the best experts and professionals and cross-disciplinary collaboration. It is therefore important to develop and implement the right organisational framework, as Denmark has done with a national governance model and not least to maintain and further develop an infrastructure for collecting, organising and storing large amounts of data that can come out and work in patient treatment and research in new and improved treatments.”

Read the paper "1,000 thoughts on personalised medicine" here